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Beginners Guide to Shared Hosting

Beginners Guide to Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is considered one of the most affordable web hosting solutions. It is a commonly used web hosting platform by many websites. Shared hosting platforms are usually preferred by bloggers, small business owners, and start-ups. It is considered the best platform for launching a website quickly on a tight budget.

What is Shared Hosting?

In the shared web hosting platform, several websites are hosted on a single server. All the websites hosted on the server share the resources of the server. Every website is allocated a specific amount of server resources according to the hosting plan chosen.

If you plan to use shared hosting for your blog or website, check out the most important aspects of shared hosting mentioned below that you need to know.

How Does The Shared Hosting Platform Work?

The shared hosting server is partitioned to host multiple customer accounts. Every customer has control over his/her website, blog, emails and databases through a control panel. The resources and cost of the shared hosting server is shared by all the customers.

A simple explanation, shared hosting is just like renting an apartment with other people – You have your own room but the resources like electricity, water and the common areas are shared by all the members. The reason why this solution is considered as affordable is because the complete cost and maintenance is distributed equally among all the members.

How Is Shared Hosting Different From Cloud VPS Hosting?

In a Cloud VPS Hosting, complete root access is provided to a customer. Customer accounts are hosted on a cluster of servers that is shared by the other cloud servers as well. In a Cloud VPS Hosting, you can deploy your own application stack on the server and get complete control over its operations and upgrades. Cloud Hosting provides more reliability and greater uptime than the shared hosting.

In shared hosting, your website is sharing a server with the other websites. There are possibilities of your IP getting blacklisted if any malicious activities are performed by some other client.

Not to worry about this on Gatnet’s Cheapest Shared Hosting In India. Our servers are protected by Bitninja Security Suite. It protects the server from malicious activity in real time and monitors the reputation of the IP address. Not to mention all our Outbound emails are relayed through MailChannels Email Relay, which safely delivers your emails to Inbox regardless of the server’s IP status.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Shared Hosting?

Although the shared hosting platform has its own set of limitations, it is an ideal hosting platform if you are setting up a new website and when you are getting to know the hosting environment for the first time. The benefits of shared hosting include the following:


Shared hosting is highly affordable. If you want to be cautions before making a big web hosting investment for your website, shared hosting is best for you. Our Cheap Shared Hosting plan starts from Rs.1,599 per year Including a Free Domain Name.

Zero Technical Skills Required

Once you host your website on the shared server, all you have to do is concentrate on running your website / blog without worrying about any server maintenance activity. The technical team of the web hosting company are responsible for maintaining and updating the shared server.

Why should I choose Gatnet Hosting as my Shared Hosting Provider?

Good Question! You will come across many web hosting providers in India but it is important to do your research before you sign up with any web hosting company. 

We kept in mind these three things while building our shared hosting plan: Simplicity, Affordability and Reliability. We’re not just another web hosting company who provides cheap services without any stability. All our servers in Gatnet are packed for performance and reliability.  

SSD Storage, LiteSpeed Web Server, LS Cache, Bitninja Security Suite, MailChannels Email Relay, 99.9% Uptime Guarantee, Anti-Spam Protection, Cloudflare CDN, Free SSL Certificate and much more. Oops! Did we say we have 27×7 Technical Support and Free Migration Assistance?. Yup! we covered that too.

If you are planning to set up a new website, then you can set up your website with Gatnet Hosting right away at an affordable cost. Sign up for shared hosting now and get a free domain name.

Incase you need any assistance, Please contact our friendly sales team through live chat.